As basketball is a contact sport, it can result in many injuries. These products can specifically help to treat and prevent injuries sustained during basketball.

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Accident Report Book
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingManagementCricketTraumaStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded ProductsTrauma First Aid Kits

Accident Report Book

HSE and GDPR compliant accident reporting book, a must-have for any sports...

8078FC Blister Cushions 2
AdventureClubFirst AidBasketballPlayerPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyDressingsSteroplast Branded Products

Blister Cushions

Virtually invisible dressings that protect against rubbing and knocks anywhere on the...

9598 CPR Pocket Mask 1
Airway ManagementFirst AidBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketTraumaStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

CPR Pocket Mask

The one-way valve with membrane prevents cross-infection and allows safe resuscitation for...

Deep Heat Spray 1200px
AdventureFirst AidBasketballPlayerBoxingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyHot and Cold Therapy

Deep Heat Spray | 72.5ml

This deep heat spray provides pain relief and heat therapy for muscular...

Dynamic Tape Eco
Complementary TherapyClubBasketballPlayerBoxingTaping and StrappingCricketPhysioFootballHockeyNetballRugby

Dynamic Tape Eco | Single Roll of Biochemical Tape | 7.5cm x 5m

Experience the extra strength of Dynamic Tape Eco, which is made from...

8599PR Premier Workplace First Aid Kit 1
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingCricketStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

First Aid Kit – Workplace

The British Standard compliant first aid kit for sports clubs and facilities...

Griptec Spray
ClubPlayerBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballCreams and OilsHockeyNetballRugbyTaping Accessories

Griptec Instant Hand Grip Spray | 200ml

Explore the GripTec Instant Hand Grip Spray, the top choice for athletes...

DefibAdult PediatricPads600px
AdventureClubBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketTraumaStaffCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsDefibrillatorsHockeyNetballRugby

iPAD SPR Dual Adult and Child Electrodes

Specifically designed for use with the iPAD SPR, these electrodes deliver reliable...

ipad spr sterosport
AdventureClubBasketballBoxingTraumaPhysioCricketCyclingStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsDefibrillatorsHockeyNetballRugby

iPAD SPR Semi Automatic Defibrillator

The iPAD SPR AED is equipped with advanced and smart technology, and...

8128 Junior Team First Aid Kit 1
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

Junior Sports Team First Aid Kit

The handy, easy-carry kit includes all the first aid supplies you’ll need...

Lightplast Pro Square 600px
ClubPlayerBasketballTaping and StrappingBoxingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyEAB

LightPlast Pro Tearable Elastic Adhesive Bandage | 7.5cm x 6.8m | Single Roll

Experience enhanced support and durability with Lightplast Pro, the ultimate elastic adhesive...

9642 Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape Spray
BasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioProduct TypeFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyTaping Accessories

Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape Adhesive Spray

The pre-tape adherent spray to increase the stick between the skin and...

Muscle Relief Menthol Hot Gel Square
ClubRehab & TherapyBasketballPlayerBoxingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballCreams and OilsHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyExercise RehabilitationHot and Cold Therapy

Muscle Relief Menthol Hot Gel | 500ml

Wintergreen Muscle Relief Menthol Hot Gel is a must-have for any sports...

3035 Nasal Plugs 1
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballDressingsRugby

Nasal Plugs

Soft and absorbent cotton plugs for treating nosebleeds Stop nosebleeds fast in...

ClubFirst AidRehab & TherapyBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketFootballNetballRugbyHot and Cold Therapy

PhysioWrap Sport

The fast and effective system for applying and securing ice/gel packs to...

WaterStop PROFI Emergency Backpack Thumbnail
First AidBasketballBoxingTraumaPhysioCricketFootballHockeyNetballRugbyTrauma First Aid Kits

Pitch Side Trauma Kit

Everything needed for first response emergency care in sport A complete pre-hospital...

PROM007 Prometheus Steady Head 1
BasketballManagementCricketTraumaPhysioStaffFootballHockeyNetballRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Prometheus Steady-Head

The highly versatile, disposable head support system for extrication  Can be used...

9640 Ice Bag 1
First AidClubRehab & TherapyBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyHot and Cold TherapyRehab at Home

Reusable Ice Bag

The reusable cold compress ice bag can be filled with ice or...

8090 Sports First Aid Kit 1
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

Sports First Aid Kit

The Standard for Sports Team First Aid NEW! The improved, compact and...

8276 Sports Medical Kit 1
ClubFirst AidBasketballPhysioCricketFootballHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

Sports Medical Kits

Two high-end sports medical kits in the same high-quality bag – Allowing...

9592 Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs 1
First AidClubBasketballPhysioCricketStaffFootballHockeyNetballRugbyHot and Cold TherapySteroplast Branded Products

Sterofreeze Instant Ice Packs

Squeeze and shake instant ice packs that outperform the competition Highly effective...

EAB being applied to arm
ClubFirst AidAdventurePlayerBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyEAB

Steroplast Black Elastic Adhesive Bandage Tearlite | 12 Rolls

Steroplast Tear Lite Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) is a must-have for any...

7149 Washproof Plasters 1
First AidClubPlayerBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketStaffCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballDressingsRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Sterostrip Hypoallergenic Washproof Plasters

100 assorted sized premium washproof plasters with hypoallergenic adhesive The superior adhesive...

1900 Steroswab Gauze Swabs
First AidBasketballBoxingTraumaPhysioCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballDressingsRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Steroswab Non-Sterile Gauze Swabs

Padded gauze swabs to cushion and protect an open wound Prevent wounds...

4160 Sterotape Premium 1 1
BasketballPlayerPhysioCricketFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

Sterotape Premium

Special offer – Buy One Get Two Free Elevate your game with...

4051 Sterotape Z.O 2 1
AdventureBasketballPlayerTaping and StrappingBoxingCricketPhysioCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

Sterotape Z.O. Zinc Oxide Tape

Rigid adhesive zinc oxide tape for strapping up joints to prevent sporting...

3010 Sterotape K 3
AdventureBasketballPlayerTaping and StrappingPhysioCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyKinesiology TapeSteroplast Branded Products

Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape

Provides additional support and stability to muscles and joints without affecting the...

1400W Sterowash 20ml Pods 2
AdventureClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbyEyecareSteroplast Branded Products

Sterowash Eyewash and Wound Wash 20ml Pods

20ml sterile eye and wound wash pods with twist-tops for instant use...

Wintergreen Muscle Relief Heat Cream Square
ClubPlayerRehab & TherapyBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballCreams and OilsHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyHot and Cold Therapy

Wintergreen Muscle Relief Heat Cream | 500ml

Unlock peak performance with Wintergreen’s Muscle Relief Heat Cream 500ml. This powerful,...

Wintergreen Ultra Grip Spray Square
ClubPlayerRehab & TherapyBasketballCricketCyclingCreams and OilsHockeyNetballRugby

Wintergreen Ultra Grip Spray | 150ml

Wintergreen Ultra Grip Spray is a multi-sport natural rosin adhesive spray that...

Wintergreen Warmup Ultra Square
AdventureClubRehab & TherapyBasketballPlayerBoxingCricketPhysioCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsCreams and OilsHockeyNetballRugbyHot and Cold Therapy

Wintergreen Warmup Ultra | 500ml

Wintergreen Warmup Ultra 500ml is a powerful pre-workout heating rub that provides...