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2Toms Skin on Skin square
First AidPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsDressingsRugby

2Toms Skin-On-Skin Gel Dressings – Squares and Circles

Skin-on-Skin gel dressings provide the ultimate comfort for multiple skin irritations and...

IMG 0379 e1576746653528 600x600 1
Taping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyTaping Accessories

5mm Self Adhesive Soft Wool Orthopaedic Felt

Protection for sore feet and joints 22.5cm x 45cm x 5mm sheet...

Accident Report Book
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingManagementTraumaCricketStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded ProductsTrauma First Aid Kits

Accident Report Book

HSE and GDPR compliant accident reporting book, a must-have for any sports...

9643 Ambu Perfit Ace Collar 1
TraumaPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Ambu Perfit Ace Extrication Collar

An adjustable one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilisation device 16 precise size settings...

WebDisposable Aprons
First AidRehab & TherapyPhysioHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsInfection ControlPPE

Aprons – Disposable

The cost-effective and easy solution to a serious healthcare issue Disposable polythene...

gloves 600px
ClubFirst AidRehab & TherapyTraumaPhysioStaffHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsGlovesInfection Control

Aurelia Black Nitrile Disposable Safety Gloves | Pack of 100 | Smooth, Ambidextrous, Powder-Free

The Aurelia Black Nitrile Disposable Safety Gloves are medical-grade, heavy-duty gloves designed...

8078FC Blister Cushions 2
ClubFirst AidAdventurePlayerBasketballPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsDressingsRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Blister Cushions

Virtually invisible dressings that protect against rubbing and knocks anywhere on the...

BLIZ001 Blizzard Compact Blanket 2 Layer 1
AdventureFirst AidPlayerTraumaPhysioBlanketsCyclingFootballRugby

Blizzard 2 Layer Compact Blanket

Thermal protection for individuals needing to be kept warm or treated for...

3076 Boxing Wraps 1
PlayerTaping and StrappingBoxingPhysioSteroplast Branded ProductsTaping Accessories

Boxing Hand Wraps

Breathable cotton hand wraps designed by pros to create the perfect tool...

BD9082 Burnshield 1
First AidClubPhysioStaffFootballHockeyRugbyInfection Control

Burnshield Hydrogel

Provides an immediate and effective treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn The...

Hot and Cold Pack on arm
First AidRehab & TherapyPlayerPhysioStaffHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHot and Cold TherapySteroplast Branded Products

Clear Hot and Cold Pack

Steroplast’s transparent, reusable hot and cold pack: a blend of durability and...

XXXX Clubhouse Bundle
ClubFirst AidCricketStaffFootballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

Clubhouse First Aid Bundle

British Standard Workplace and Catering First Aid Kits in one money-saving bundle...

Leukotape P Sterosport
PlayerTaping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyFixing TapeZinc Oxide Tape

Combi Pack – Leukotape P and Fixomull

This pack is ideal for patellofemoral taping and taping where strong adhesion...

1806 Ambulance Blanket 1
ClubAdventureFirst AidTraumaPhysioBlanketsCricketStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugby

Cotton Cellular Blanket

Lightweight cotton cellular blanket to keep injured individuals warm whilst awaiting treatment...

disposable couch rolls
First AidRehab & TherapyPhysioHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsInfection Control

Couch Roll

High quality 40-metre white couch rolls 50cm by 40m disposable paper couch...

9598 CPR Pocket Mask 1
Airway ManagementFirst AidBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketTraumaStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

CPR Pocket Mask

The one-way valve with membrane prevents cross-infection and allows safe resuscitation for...

Green Snaplight Sterosport
AdventurePlayerTraumaCyclingEmergency LightingEvacuation and Immobilisation

Cyalume 6″ Snaplight Lightsticks (15cm)

Snaplight lightsticks are designed for signalling and increasing visibility in an emergency...

DefibSafe 1Sterosport

DefibSafe 2 External Cabinet – Locked

This external cabinet ensures your defibrillator is protected from the weather, vandalism...

Digital Ear Thermometer 600px
First AidPhysioTraumaHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsDiagnostic Equipment

Digital Ear Thermometer

The digital ear thermometer offers a compact and ergonomic design, providing quick,...

1293 Enswell Eye Iron
First AidBoxingPhysioEyecare

Enswell Eye Iron

A must-have item for high-level contact sports for treating cuts and bruises...

1277 Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser 1
ProfessionPhysioFootballRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser

The universal immobiliser that prevents further injury to an individual’s head and...

1330 Frac Immobilisers 1
PhysioTraumaFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Ferno Frac Immobilisers

A set of Ferno immobilisers for splinting suspected limb fractures preventing further...

WSTE0294 Ferno Scoop Stretcher 1
AdventureClubPhysioTraumaFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Ferno Scoop 65 EXL Stretcher

The ergonomically designed scoop stretcher for use in awkward spaces It can...

1491 Vacuum Splints
PhysioTraumaFootballRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Ferno Vacuum Splints

Innovative temporary splints that mould around an injured limb For immobilisation of...

8599CT Catering Kit 1
ClubFirst AidCricketStaffFootballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

First Aid Kit – Catering

British Standard catering first aid kit compliant to BS8599-1 Ideal for sports...

8599PR Premier Workplace First Aid Kit 1
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingCricketStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

First Aid Kit – Workplace

The British Standard compliant first aid kit for sports clubs and facilities...

1805 Foil Blanket 1
AdventureFirst AidClubPlayerPhysioBlanketsCricketTraumaStaffCyclingFootballHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

Foil Blanket

Metalised polyester film blanket designed to retain body heat in sports first...

Griptec Paste
ClubBasketballPlayerTaping and StrappingBoxingCricketPhysioCyclingFootballCreams and OilsHockeyNetballRugbyTaping Accessories

Griptec Instant Hand Grip Paste | 100g

Discover GripTec Instant Hand Grip Paste, the athlete’s choice for enhanced grip...

Griptec Spray
ClubPlayerBasketballTaping and StrappingPhysioCricketCyclingFootballCreams and OilsHockeyNetballRugbyTaping Accessories

Griptec Instant Hand Grip Spray | 200ml

Explore the GripTec Instant Hand Grip Spray, the top choice for athletes...

Hapla Swanfoam
Taping and StrappingPhysioHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsTaping Accessories

Hapla Swanfoam Foam Padding – 22.5cm x 45cm – 4 Sheets

Hapla Swanfoam offers unparalleled cushioning and pressure relief for feet, making it...

1339 Head Immobiliser
ClubPhysioTraumaFootballRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Head Immobiliser

Versatile head immobilisation device for firm control of patient head movement Maintains...

Hockey first aid kit Sterosport
ClubFirst AidPhysioHockeyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

Hockey First Aid Kit

Everything you need to be ready for match day and keep your...

Hypafix 10cm x 10m Sterosport
Taping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyFixing Tape

Hypafix Tape

Hypafix dressing tape is a highly adhesive fixation tape that can secure...

DefibAdult PediatricPads600px
ClubAdventureBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketTraumaStaffCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsDefibrillatorsHockeyNetballRugby

iPAD SPR Dual Adult and Child Electrodes

Specifically designed for use with the iPAD SPR, these electrodes deliver reliable...

ipad spr sterosport
AdventureClubBasketballBoxingCricketTraumaPhysioCyclingStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyDefibrillatorsNetballRugby

iPAD SPR Semi Automatic Defibrillator

The iPAD SPR AED is equipped with advanced and smart technology, and...

1844 iPAD Defibrillator 1
ClubPhysioCricketTraumaStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsDefibrillatorsHockeyNetballRugby

iPAD-SP1 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

Simple to use and maintain, a reliable defib that saves lives daily...

8128 Junior Team First Aid Kit 1
ClubFirst AidBasketballBoxingCricketCyclingFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbyFirst Aid KitsSteroplast Branded Products

Junior Sports Team First Aid Kit

The handy, easy-carry kit includes all the first aid supplies you’ll need...

2997 KO Cotton Tips 2
First AidBoxingDressingsSteroplast Branded Products

KO Cotton Tips

Long and strong wooden swab sticks tipped with premium cotton tips for...

3036 KO Tape 1
ClubPlayerBoxingTaping and StrappingPhysioSteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

KO Tape

The ultimate choice for power and protection – stay injury-free and in...

KO Wrap Sterosport
First AidClubPlayerBandagesTaping and StrappingBoxingPhysioSteroplast Branded ProductsZinc Oxide Tape

KO Wrap – Boxing Gauze

KO Wrap is a high-quality cotton gauze bandage used to protect a...

9634 Laerdal Stiffneck Collar 1
Product TypeTraumaPhysioFootballRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Laerdal Stiffneck Select Adjustable Collar

The immobilisation collar that stabilises patients correctly and easily Quick and simple...

left handed scissors
First AidPhysioHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsScissors

Left Handed Bandage Scissors

These bandage scissors are specifically made for left-handed medical personnel and therapists...

Leukotape Foam
Taping and StrappingPhysioFootballRugbyTaping Accessories

Leukotape Foam

Leukotape Foam provides cushioning, support and protection around bony prominences. It can...

Lister Bandage Scissors Square
First AidTaping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyScissorsTaping Accessories

Lister Bandage Scissors

High-quality stainless steel Lister Style bandage scissors specifically designed to cut away...

1335 Loxley Box Splints
TraumaFootballRugbyEvacuation and Immobilisation

Loxley Box Splints – Set of 3

A set of three hard-wearing PVC box splints for leg immobilisation Three...

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