Wound Management

Open wounds often occur in sports. Proper care and management of open wounds can reduce healing time, prevent infection, and reduce scarring

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Staple Remover
PhysioTraumaWound Management

3M Precise Disposable Skin Staple Remover – Pack of 10

These staple removers easily remove staples in the same direction they were...

Skin Stapler
PhysioTraumaWound Management

3M Precise Vista Disposable Skin Stapler – Pack of 6

These box-style staples are engineered to provide you with a clear view...

WebChitoSAM 100 1
TraumaDressingsWound Management

ChitoSAM 100

The 100% chitosan haemostatic dressing, that stops bleeding fast!

Optima Skin Glue 600x600 1
PhysioTraumaWound Management

Liquiband Wound Glue – Single Tube

A cost-effective wound closure solution removes the need for dressings and acts...

Opsite Spray
First AidPhysioDressingsWound Management

Opsite Spray

This spray is a moisture vapour permeable spray dressing, helping to provide...

Rhino Pinch Clip Sterosport
First AidTraumaDressingsWound Management

Rhino Pinch Nasal Clip

This cushioned, adjustable plastic clip helps to stop blood flow during a...

Rocialle Suture Pack
TraumaWound Management

Rocialle Suture Pack

This Rocialle Suture Pack is sterile and latex-free and contains disposable medical...

russell chest seal square
AdventurePhysioTraumaWound Management

Russell Chest Seal | Treatment for Penetrating Chest Wounds

The Russell Chest Seal (RCS) is a hydrogel-based dressing designed to cover...

Trauma dressing pack square
First AidAdventureBandagesPhysioTraumaDressingsSteroplast Branded ProductsWound Management

Steroplast Trauma Dressing | Haemostatic Sterile Bleed Control | Wound Injury Bandage

The Steroplast Trauma Dressing is expertly designed to effectively control severe bleeding...

WebSterowipe Saline Cleansing Wipes
First AidSteroplast Branded ProductsWipesWound Management

Sterowipe Saline Cleansing Wipes – 100 Wipes

Saline cleansing wipes, clean the skin to ensure greater adhesion of dressings.

WebWound Care Procedure Pack
PhysioTraumaWound Management

Wound Care Procedure Pack

The handy pack for use in aseptic procedures and wound care in...