Scissors are a must-have for all sports first aid kits. They’re an essential item for physios to use when sports taping. Aiding rapid treatment of injuries when speed is key.

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Metal tweezers
First AidScissors

4.5″ Martin Splinter Forceps

An important tool to have in any first aid kit, these metal...

left handed scissors
First AidPhysioHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsScissors

Left Handed Bandage Scissors

These bandage scissors are specifically made for left-handed medical personnel and therapists...

Lister Bandage Scissors Square
First AidTaping and StrappingPhysioFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyScissorsTaping Accessories

Lister Bandage Scissors

High-quality stainless steel Lister Style bandage scissors specifically designed to cut away...

Nail Clippers 600px
First AidPlayerPhysioScissors

Nail Clippers

These Nail Clippers offer a smart 3-in-1 solution for all your nail...

taping scissors hand held 2 600x600 1
First AidTaping and StrappingPhysioScissorsTaping Accessories

Sports Taping and Dressing Scissors

These Sports Taping and Dressing Scissors are precision-made tools available in various...

1512 Tuff Cut Scissors 1
First AidTaping and StrappingScissorsTaping Accessories

Tuff Cut Scissors

High-quality stainless steel tuff cut shears for first aid and emergency situations...