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A range of infection control wipes, kits and products for disposal, cleaning and sanitation of potential biohazards.; preventing the spread of disease transmitted via blood and bodily fluids.

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WebDisposable Aprons
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Aprons – Disposable

The cost-effective and easy solution to a serious healthcare issue Disposable polythene...

gloves 600px
ClubFirst AidRehab & TherapyPhysioTraumaStaffHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsGlovesInfection Control

Aurelia Black Nitrile Disposable Safety Gloves | Pack of 100 | Smooth, Ambidextrous, Powder-Free

The Aurelia Black Nitrile Disposable Safety Gloves are medical-grade, heavy-duty gloves designed...

Berrcom thermometer
First AidRehab & TherapyInfection Control

Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

This forehead thermometer is designed to take a temperature with a 3-5cm...

BIO Biohazard Kits 1
ClubFirst AidRehab & TherapyStaffInfection ControlSteroplast Branded Products

Biohazard Kits

Effective handling and cleaning of highly infectious and potentially life-threatening bodily fluids...

burnshield 125ml square 1
ClubFirst AidPhysioStaffFootballHockeyRugbyInfection Control

Burnshield Hydrogel

Provides an immediate and effective treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn The...

disposable couch rolls
First AidRehab & TherapyPhysioHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsInfection Control

Couch Roll

High quality 40-metre white couch rolls 50cm by 40m disposable paper couch...

FFP3 valved face masks save for web
First AidRehab & TherapyInfection ControlPPE

FFP3 Valved Face Mask

These filtering facepieces (FFP) have been designed to effectively retain particles. They...

KN95 Front
First AidRehab & TherapyInfection ControlPPE

KN95 Face Masks

The KN95 face mask has a multilayer protective structure that can capture 95%...

1995 Nitrile Powder Free Gloves
ClubFirst AidRehab & TherapyPhysioStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsRugbyGlovesInfection ControlPPE

Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

Soft and elasticated latex-free nitrile gloves for infection control when treating wounds...

PDI 70 Alcohol Wipes
First AidRehab & TherapyInfection Control

PDI Sani-Cloth 70% Alcohol Wipes

Recommended for the disinfection of non-porous hard surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.

PDXP00390 Universal Wipes 1
First AidClubRehab & TherapyPhysioStaffHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsInfection Control

PDI Sani-Cloth AF Universal Wipes

Powerful disinfectant wipes ideal for non-porous hard surfaces and non-invasive medical devices...

Petroleum Jelly 226g Sterosport
First AidPlayerBoxingPhysioRugbyInfection Control

Petroleum Jelly

Protects dry skin and reduces skin irritation on cuts, scrapes and burns...

8405 Sharps Bin 1
First AidClubPhysioStaffInfection Control

Sharps Bins

Disposal kits for the safe and effective handling of sharp objects Makes...

SAN50 Sterosan Hand Sanitising Rub 1
ClubFirst AidRehab & TherapyPhysioStaffCreams and OilsHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsInfection ControlSteroplast Branded Products

Stero-San Hand Sanitising Rub

The alcohol hand rub that keeps hands clean and prevents the spread...

STZ Steroclenz 1
First AidRehab & TherapyInfection ControlSteroplast Branded Products

Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser

High-level, fast-acting sporicidal spray that kills germs in just 60 seconds! 4-hour...

8021 Sterowipe AF Cleansing Wipes 2
First AidInfection ControlSteroplast Branded Products

Sterowipe Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes

Ensure greater adhesion of dressings to the skin with these cleansing wipes...

TRISPR001 Trigger Spray Bottle
First AidBoxingPhysioFootballRugbyInfection Control

Trigger Spray Bottle

Clear blood and dirt away from a wound for treatment  Handy carry...

Grishna wearing mask
First AidRehab & TherapyPhysioStaffInfection ControlPPE

Type IIR Face Masks

Medical grade, type IIR face masks with a superior 3 layer protection....


Coming out of the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned a lot about protecting ourselves and others. Prevention is key when it comes to combating infectious diseases.

If you’re doing your part to fight harmful viruses and infections like COVID-19, you’ve come to the right place for medical-grade trusted PPE and infection control products.

If you’re a sports therapist, you know all too well the importance of PPE, wipes and sprays as we spend more time face-to-face. Stop the spread of infections and ensure your physio or medical room is hygienic and germ-free with our range of high standard wipes, sprays, kits and garments for defending against potential biohazards.

What is PPE?

What are the risks of infection transmission in sports?

We all must stay vigilant and make sure we protect ourselves, and those around us are protected through infection control procedures.

Risks of infection can creep up when you're focused on play, including:

  • Sharing equipment and water bottles

  • Touching door handles

  • Sharing bathrooms and showers

  • Being in close quarters such as changing rooms

  • Contact sports


At Sterosport, we’ve expanded our range of PPE to help you cover all infection control guidelines. You can expect the very best from us. All our products are designed on the insights and advice of medical professionals and tested to exceed the highest British Standards of quality. The result is a range of medical-grade products that you can be certain comply with regulations.

Our Type IIR Face Masks are medical-grade, made with three layers of skin sensitive fabric, and manufactured to level one and level two PPE standards for pitch-side emergency care as per BJSM guidance. Our PPE Face Visors and FFP3 Valved Face Masks are level two and level three PPE compliant for pitch-side emergency care.

Stero-san Hand Sanitiser conforms to the EN1500 Standards and is made with moisturisers that prevent hands from drying and cracking with regular use, unlike other hand gels. The bottle design incorporates a clip to use on the go easily.

Sanitising door handles, equipment and other touchpoints is a critical component of infection control. Our Steroclenz Rapid Surface Sanitiser has a 99.999% kill rate with up to 4 hours of protection. For even quicker sterilisation for on the go use, take a look at the Sani-Cloth AF Universal Wipes.

Browse our full range of infection control products here, including kits, gloves, aprons and thermometers.



Protect yourself and those around you

Order PPE, hand sanitiser, wipes and sprays direct from our website for delivery the next working day (provided you order before 12 noon). If you aren’t sure which PPE and infection control products you need to order we’ll discuss your situation and direct you to the right products.

If you enter into a partnership with us you’ll gain access to other levels of support. We’ll conduct a risk assessment to let you know exactly what infection control equipment you need, plus any other sports first aid equipment to ensure you are fully compliant. We’ll even visit you to correctly install your supplies free of charge.