Having defibrillators on site at your sports club or venue, can be the difference between saving and losing a life. Even athletes at peak physical condition can have heart problems – so having an AED available is a must.

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DefibSafe 1Sterosport

DefibSafe 2 External Cabinet – Locked

This external cabinet ensures your defibrillator is protected from the weather, vandalism...

Webi PAD SP1 Indoor Defibrillator Cabinet

iPAD SP1 Indoor Defibrillator Cabinet

Robust and simple to install indoor AED cabinet for the iPAD SP1...

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iPAD SPR Dual Adult and Child Electrodes

Specifically designed for use with the iPAD SPR, these electrodes deliver reliable...

ipad spr sterosport
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iPAD SPR Semi Automatic Defibrillator

The iPAD SPR AED is equipped with advanced and smart technology, and...

1844 iPAD Defibrillator 1
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iPAD-SP1 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

Simple to use and maintain, a reliable defib that saves lives daily...