Airway Management

This is the number one priority in first aid. We supply essentials products to assist sports first aiders and medics in providing CPR.

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PROACT Entonox
Airway ManagementTrauma

Bacterial/ Viral Filter with Mouth Piece

This bacterial viral filter is ideal for delivering analgesic gases such as entonox.

Clear Guard Breathing Filter
Airway ManagementTrauma

Clear Guard Midi Low Volume Breathing Filter

This breathing air filter has been designed for use in breathing and...

9598 CPR Pocket Mask 1
Airway ManagementFirst AidBasketballBoxingPhysioCricketTraumaStaffFootballHealth & Therapy ProfessionalsHockeyNetballRugbySteroplast Branded Products

CPR Pocket Mask

The one-way valve with membrane prevents cross-infection and allows safe resuscitation for...

1049 Disposable Resuscitator 1 Adult
Airway ManagementFirst AidPhysioTrauma

Disposable Resuscitator

A sterile and single-use resuscitator for patient lung ventilation An essential tool...

WebEntonox System
Airway ManagementTrauma

Entonox – Pain Relief Demand Head Only

The equipment required for the delivery of entonox analgesic gas. The lead...

WebEvac S Suction Device
Airway ManagementTrauma

EVAC-S Suction Device

Hand held portable suction device for immediate and effective suction in an...

Resusciade Face Shield Thumbnail
Airway ManagementFirst AidTraumaSteroplast Branded Products

Face Shield – Foil Packed

The safest way to give mouth to mouth resuscitation, offering protection to...

Guedel Airways
Airway ManagementFirst AidPhysioTrauma

Guedel Airways Size 1-4

One-piece, latex-free, sterile guedel airway is safer by design as it combines...

WebHigh Concentration Oxygen Mask
Airway ManagementTrauma

High Concentration Oxygen Mask

Non-rebreathing high concentration oxygen mask with bag, 2-metre oxygen tubing & head...

Webi gel O2 Supraglottic Resus Packs
Airway ManagementTraumaPhysio

i-gel O2 Supraglottic Resus Packs

The resus pack has all the elements to make the job simpler...

Airway ManagementTrauma

Intersurgical Clear Guard 3 Breathing Filter

This breathing filter has been designed for use in breathing and anaesthetic...

Airway ManagementTrauma

Intersurgical Clear Guard Midi Low Volume Breathing Filter with Luer Port

This breathing filter has been designed for use in breathing and anaesthetic...

WebJet Nebuliser Set
Airway ManagementTrauma

Jet Nebuliser Set

Ideal for home and clinic use, and for patients of all ages,...

WebMagill Forceps
Airway ManagementTrauma

Magill Forceps – Adult

Angled stainless steel forceps used to guide tracheal tubes into the larynx...

WebNasopharyngeal Airways Thumbnail
Airway ManagementTrauma

Nasopharyngeal Airways

A flexible endotracheal tube designed to open a channel between the nostril...

OptiLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly
Airway ManagementTrauma

OptiLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly

Water soluble jelly lubrication developed by clinicians, for clinicians. OptiLube has been...

WebOxygen Tubing Single Use
Airway ManagementTrauma

Oxygen Tubing – Single Use

Sterile oxygen tubing with soft, flexible end pieces to allow connection to...

9567 Resusciade Keyring 1
Airway ManagementFirst AidSteroplast Branded Products

Resusciade Keyring

A handy keyring pouch containing a CPR resusciade with a one-way valve...