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Ko tape

Boxing, MMA, Jui Jitsu, Kickboxing, whatever your combat sport, injuries to your fists can put you out of action and even end your career. Protecting your hands and wrists is absolutely vital before you enter the ring. The solution: KO tape.

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KO Tape

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KO tape has the strength and resilience to support you during fights and in training sessions.

The rigid structure of the tape immobilises the small joints and bones in the hands, wrists and fingers meaning you can fight through the impact of each hit. Sterosport KO tape is chosen by professional fighters around the world thanks to its reputation as a highly durable and easy to use zinc oxide tape.

Our KO tape

Sterosport KO tape is a rigid zinc oxide tape that provides the ultimate protection to participants in full-contact sport. As a non-stretch tape, it offers directional support and can immobilise joints and bones in the hand and wrist which can absorb impact to prevent injury.

When you use Sterosport KO tape you get the following benefits:

  • Can be torn by hand along length and width meaning no scissors are required

  • Tape conforms well to the contours of the hand, wrist and fingers

  • Zinc oxide adhesive is skin-friendly

  • Zinc oxide adhesive means the tape stays in place and will not shift, come unstuck or unravel

  • 10m rolls are available in 3 widths: 1.25cm, 2.5cm and 4cm

Why choose
Sterosport KO tape?

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Use KO tape with KO wrap for that extra edge

Give your knuckles, hands, and wrists complete protection with KO wrap.

100% cotton KO wrap is designed to be flexible and comfortably wrap around your wrist and hand horizontally, but rigid lengthways to immobilise every small joint and bone you need it to.

Created to meet the demands of professional and amateur boxers. Sterosport KO wrap keeps you protected when you need it most. KO wrap is also reusable, giving you cost-effective support. Just wash with the rest of your kit.

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If you have any questions about KO tape, how to use it and whether you need it, we’d love to talk to you. One of our consultants will be able to answer all your questions. Contact us today.