Hyde United FC and Sterosport Partnership Announcement

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Hyde United FC is working in partnership with Sterosport, a new arm of Steroplast Healthcare, established to help sports clubs and participants to turn setbacks into comebacks.  Jake Cunningham, Hyde United Sports Rehabilitator is using Steroplast sports tapes for the treatment and prevention of players injuries.

Jake said,

“Hyde United Football Club are delighted to be working in partnership with Steroplast.  They continually provide a fantastic, friendly service and a range of high-quality medical supplies.”

The team are using Steroban Cohesive Bandage to provide compression and support for soft tissue injuries. Sterotape Z.O. zinc oxide tape is used as strapping to provide rigid support to injured joints. Steroban-U Underwrap is a multi-purpose wrap which is used to provide additional support and protection.

The partnership also offers the Hyde United FC community discounts on first aid items, sports tapes, and infection control products. Local sports teams, clubs and coaches can access the equipment they need to provide safe sport.

Hyde United Players
Photography by @GRTourist

Sterosport – A New Approach to Sports Injuries

Sterosport is raising their profile in the world of sports injuries, building on the track record of Steroplast Healthcare extending to over 25 years with some of the best products on the market. With an international reputation for high-quality medical consumables and diagnostic equipment, Steroplast Healthcare, through Sterosport, offers the complete package, a one-stop-shop for the first aid, rehabilitation, infection control and trauma requirements of the football community.

Andrew Watson, Head of Business Development – Sport at Steroplast Healthcare said,

“It’s fantastic to be working in partnership with a local team as football returns this season. Hyde United FC has a very professional team on and off the pitch. We’re pleased to be able to play a part in helping to ensure the team can perform at their best throughout the season.”

Hyde United Player
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Hyde United FC Community Discounts

The Hyde United FC community can buy the best quality first aid and medical products at competitive prices. With the Hyde United FC discount code, members can get 20% off Steroplast products from the Sterosport website.

Local sports teams can also benefit from special offers on:

  • Sterosport Sports First Aid Kit
  • Pitchside first aid items
  • Sterosport tapes and strappings
  • Infection control products

Protect Your Team From COVID-19

It is important that you and your teammates are kept safe. Sterosport have all the essential PPE and infection control items so that football clubs can return to sport without worry.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your team. For an informal discussion and to find out more, please contact Sterosport on 0800 978 8301 or andrew@sterosport.co.uk

Sterosport Activ

After branching out to the sports sector via Sterosport and KO Tape, Steroplast Healthcare wants to help cyclists, adventurers, hikers, and people who love family walks, stay safe. Our range of carefully curated first aid kits and bolt-ons have been designed to help keep you informed and safe whilst staying active outdoors. If you and your team or family are getting active outdoors, make sure you’re prepared with a Sterosport Activ kit.

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