First aid partnership

Whether you’re a sports participant or responsible for the safety of a whole team, National Governing Bodies dictate that you must meet regulations to play sports not only safely but legally. With hundreds of different types of sports and levels of practice, keeping track of the boxes you need to tick is no easy task.

Imagine if that was all taken care of, and you could get on with what you do best, secure in the knowledge that you’re meeting all the requirements you need to and that everyone is covered should an injury occur.


Sterosport are experts in sports first aid, with over 25 years experience in helping sports communities meet compliance regulations.

When you enter a partnership with us, we’ll take ownership of this responsibility with you.

This isn’t a one size fits all service either. From a grassroots community weekend football club to a self-employed sports physiotherapist to an international elite athlete, very different rules apply to each situation, and so you can expect our service to be different too.

Get in touch today to take the first steps to become a partner with us.


When you become a partner with us, you immediately become eligible for a range of benefits. We’ll work hard to make sure these are tailored to your unique situation to give the best value from our service.

Benefits of becoming a partner include:

  • A bespoke price list, accessible through your account, inclusive of products relevant to you, and discount pricing on some products
  • A dedicated account manager who will support you throughout our partnership. They will be able to answer all your questions and make sure you get the right support to ensure all your bases are covered
  • A consultant can visit you on-site (provided you are in the North West) to assess your situation and determine which products and equipment you need and don’t need
  • During your on-site visit, we can perform a risk assessment (respectful of social distancing measures)
  • If you are situated in the North West, a specialist can come to your facility, club, or other site to install your equipment for free
  • We can grant you access to the Injury Rehab Network, as well as our knowledge hub for both online and offline CPD
  • When any product or equipment is approaching its use-by date, we’ll notify you and arrange replacements to be sent out or installed, so you’re never caught short. For example, if you have a defibrillator installed, we’ll remind you when its batteries are coming to the end of their life cycle
  • We can notify you by email about any promotions and offers relevant to your sport
  • We can keep you updated via email on any news and events in the Injury Rehab Network that may be useful to you

We’re always on the lookout for sports organisations and teams to partner with us. It means we can offer our best service while we learn and grow from understanding your real-life needs.

Our team partnership programme includes:

  • Discount pricing

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Flexible account options

  • Fast delivery & collection options

  • Knowledgeable & professional service

  • Special offers

  • Partner training & events

  • Marketing support

Find out more about how these benefits could apply to you, give us a call on 0800 978 8301 or fill out an enquiry form on the contact us page.

For more information on our partner team offer, you can download our flyer here


How it works

When you enter a partnership with us, we’ll provide support at four key levels designed to make sure you stay compliant in your sport. Your dedicated account manager will explain how these are relevant to your unique situation and find out which services you want to opt into.

This is when we gather information on how you practice, where you carry out activities and who is involved.

Our specialists take time to understand your requirements and determine exactly which regulations apply to you and what products you need to make sure you’re compliant.

If you are situated in the North West, we’ll likely come to visit you where you normally play or practice. This is so that we can understand your situation more accurately. We might also conduct a risk assessment to identify risks you aren’t currently aware of.

Once we’ve put together a first aid equipment list and provided prices based on your requirements, we can install your products for you.

Having the right first aid products and medical equipment is only part of the job when it comes to keeping participants safe.

Through professional installation by Sterosport, you can be sure your equipment is easily accessible and free from potential damage. As part of this service, we’d also install signage to direct people to find equipment quickly.

Health and safety laws change over time as our understanding of certain risks evolves.

As a partner of Sterosport, you needn’t worry about keeping up to date with these changes; part of our service means you can trust us to ensure you are constantly kept within health and safety laws. As requirements change, we’ll keep you informed of new or different products you may need.

Operating legally within regulations isn’t just about making sure you have access to the right first aid products; they also have to be in date.

We keep track of the use-by dates of all the equipment we provide to our partners. Whenever anything approaches its use-by date, we’ll send you a notification that it needs replacing, so you’re never without legally in-date products.

Sterosport partner team offer