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Professor Iain Hutchison – Sporting Facial Injuries and Treatment Delivering Speedy Recovery

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The final Injury Rehab Network event of 2022 features another world-class expert guest speaker, Professor Iain Hutchison.

Professor Hutchison’s presentation will discuss facial injuries in sports. Taking place online on Thursday 1st December from 7pm – 8pm. Read the post event blog and download the presentation

Professor Iain Hutchison (Oral and Facial Surgeon – Saving Faces)

Professor Iain Hutchison treats patients with diseases, deformities, and injuries affecting the most socially important part of our bodies – the face.

In 2000, Professor Hutchison launched the Saving Faces Art Project, which charts the physical and emotional journey of facial surgery patients. The Saving Faces Art Project has had a dramatic effect on the public and has proved cathartic for the patients who participated. The paintings continue to tour the world and have been seen by over 2 million people.

He wants to demystify medicine and has participated in many TV and radio programmes about facial surgery. Several of his lectures are available for viewing on the internet including a TED talk entitled “Saving Faces“. Furthermore, Professor Hutchison organises free public events to demystify specific topics such as face transplantation and tissue engineering.

Professor Hutchison wants to improve patient treatment through clinical research. In 2000, he founded the charity Saving Faces which leads international multi-center clinical trials on facial disease and injury prevention and treatment. In October 2019, Saving Faces published the first nationwide mouth cancer surgical research, the SEND study, which will save the lives of 30,000 patients worldwide every year, that’s 1 patient saved every 15 minutes. Through Saving Faces, he runs an “Expert Patient” support group for people starting treatment. In addition to this, the Saving Faces Diagnostic Advice Service (SFDADS) provides doctors and dentists with expert diagnostic advice from a consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon within 3 working days. This rapid response provides reassurance quickly for those with benign diseases and immediate referral to those who need it, to the best cancer surgeons in their nearest hospital.

He also founded the world’s only National Facial, Oral and Oculoplastic Research Centre (NFORC) which launched in 2014. Through its research, NFORC will revolutionise treatment for patients with facial diseases, deformities, and injuries worldwide. He also encourages surgeons to introduce clinical research into their day-to-day practice.

Professor Hutchison wants to inspire and train the doctors of the future and funds PhD students and surgeons in studies on cancer stem cells, the molecular biology of precancer and cancer, and the psychological aspects of facial disease and injury. In addition to this, he also trains research assistants in clinical research and has set up a tissue bank for future basic science studies. Professor Hutchison also gives frequent careers talks in schools and universities and is in great demand as a scientific and public lecturer.

Face Injury

Sporting facial injuries and treatment delivering speedy recovery

Professor Hutchison’s presentation “Sporting facial injuries and treatment delivering speedy recovery” will discuss facial injuries in sports, treatment, and rehabilitation including examples of how athletes can often return to sports soon after surgery.

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