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Mike James, The Endurance Physio – Injury Rehab Network Event

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Shedding Light in Injuries in Endurance Sport

We are excited to announce that Mike James will be the keynote speaker at the next Injury Rehab Network on the 20/02/2020 at 6-8pm. The event is to be held at:

Steroplast Healthcare Limited
Unit 2 Alpha Point
Bradnor Road
M22 4TE the

Mike is a noted authority in physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation, and the theme of this event will be ‘Strength training for runners – is it such a simple approach?’. The discussion will focus on an evidence based approach to strength training for runners, with tips for therapists to apply in their practice.

The Endurance Physio

Mike is a former Military Physical Training Instructor and rehabilitation specialist, fitness expert and Sports Rehabilitator. Widely known as “The Endurance Physio“, he has over 20 years experience as an ultra-endurance athlete and therapist, competing and treating worldwide.

Mike has completed over 150 marathons and ultra-marathons ranging from the classic 26.2-mile course up to 250-mile, multi day events. He has also completed many ultra-triathlon and open water swimming challenges.

Over the years, Mike has established as a strong reputation in the therapy world. Many of Mike’s articles have been published in national magazines, and he is a regular speaker at conferences and shows, as well as running his own courses and workshops. His qualifications include an MSc in Physiotherapy, as well as degrees in Sports Rehabilitation, strength conditioning and Sports Science.

Mike is also Director of Sports Injury Fix – a website aimed at helping the public find the right therapist.

Strength Training for Runners: Is it Such a Simple Approach?

Traditionally, endurance athletes and runners have failed to implement strength training into their regimes, and many common misconceptions regarding the application of strength training to the endurance population still exist.

Recent years have seen an increase in both understanding and prescription of strength training within endurance sports. But is it as simple as getting everyone to strength train? Or should we be more pragmatic in our approach? This presentation examines the evidence, and offers some simple take-home messages for therapists to apply to their practise.

Injury Rehab Network

Sterosport is an arm of Steroplast Healthcare dedicated to supporting sports professionals in Manchester and the surrounding area. In 2019, Sterosport established the Injury Rehab Network as means for sports injury professionals to network, share ideas and collaborate.

The format of each event is a keynote speech, followed by a discussion and facilitated networking. The Injury Rehab Network organizers work hard to source well known authorities or personalities in sport. Previous speakers include paralympian Hannah Dines, leading physiotherapist Dave Fevre, Acedmic and elite sport rehabilitator Lee Herrington, Prof Shah Khan (The Scan Doctor) and Andy Hosgood, co-founder of Summit Physiotherapy 

Tickets include


Learn from an expert in the field of endurance sport.

Professional Networking

As well as the seminar and refreshments, the event also offers a great CPD opportunity for sports injury professionals. This includes a structured networking activity and time to share ideas and experience with fellow professionals.


Refreshments provided.

Redeemable Tickets

Our £10 ticket price is solely to reserve a place, and the £10 is fully redeemable upon attendance.

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Instead of redeeming your £10 ticket, you can also opt instead for £22.80 worth of Sterosport products, including:

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Either way, the networking event will work out free of cost to you!

Reserve Your Place Now

The next event of the Injury Rehab Network is on 20th February 2020. Anyone professionally involved with sporting performance and rehabilitation from injury is welcome to attend. The places available are limited, and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you would like any more information, or would like to chat to us in person, please feel free to call Andrew Watson on 0161 902 3030 or email andrew@steroplast.co.uk.

For more about the Injury Rehab Network, please join the LinkedIn group.

About Steroplast Healthcare

Steroplast is a leading UK wholesaler of pharmaceuticals, distributor of diagnostic equipment and supplier of a comprehensive range of medical disposables. The company’s healthcare range runs into thousands of lines, and continues to expand to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

Steroplast work with many of the biggest brands in healthcare, including the British Red Cross who relies on the company as an exclusive supplier. Sterosport was established in early 2019 as an arm of the company dedicated to supporting the local sports community.

For more information, please contact Andrew Watson on 0161 902 3030 or email andrew@steroplast.co.uk.

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