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Geraint Griffiths – The Prevention of and Rehabilitation from Visually Related Sporting Morbidity

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The Injury Rehab Network event with BASRaT, taking place on 6th December 2023, features a presentation from Geraint Griffiths, Optometrist. Geraint will discuss how sporting performance is directly related to vision. Taking place online on Wednesday, 6th December 2023, from 7pm – 8pm. Click here for the post event blog and recording. 

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Geraint Griffiths, Optometrist (Sport Vision UK and Optical3 Opticians)

Geraint Griffiths: BSc Mech Eng., MSc Optometry and vision sciences, Dip Schoolvision, Dip Sportvision, MASvP MCOptom.

Geraint is the proprietor of Optical3 Opticians and Managing director of SVUK Ltd. He is the author of the Diplomas in Sport and Schoolvision Practice and Chair of the Association of Sport and Schoolvision Practitioners (ASvP)

He is also a former College of Optometrists examiner and Councilor for the East Midlands region (2008 – 2020) and Sports Vision expert to the British Standards Institute, BSI committee PH2, Safety eyewear, with a special interest in leisure wear and sunglasses.

His current research is around the prevention of ocular, systemic and psychological morbidity through an understanding of the relationship between binocular vision and occupational visual needs, including reading difficulties and sports.

His interest in biomechanics (binocular vision) was inspired by his first degree in Mechanical Engineering, dyslexia and his Optometrist father. In athletics, Geraint represented Great Britain internationally and held the Welsh High Jump record for three years. He held the British Masters’ record for 11 years.

The prevention of and rehabilitation from visually related sporting morbidity

Geraint will discuss how sporting performance is directly related to vision and how optimising vision or correcting existing visual problems is the most important preparation for competitive sport.

In his presentation, Geraint will consider eye protection, contact lenses, the role of eye dominance and the predisposition to:

  • Dyspraxia
  • Dyslexia
  • Different sports

Geraint will examine a theory of sporting visual psychology, the effect of visual and general fatigue, prevention of acquired disease and understanding of sporting excess, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Stress fractures
  • Drug abuse

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Post event blog and recording

The next event of the Injury Rehab Network

The next event of the Injury Rehab Network, in partnership with BASRaT, will take place online on Wednesday, 6th December 2023, from 7 pm – 8 pm. Anyone professionally involved with or studying sports medicine, performance and rehabilitation from injury is welcome to attend. Click here for the post event blog and recording.

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