Boxing First Aid Kit Contents List

Boxing First Aid Kit Contents List

All boxers, from amateurs to pros, face potential injury in the ring. In this combat sport there’s no shortage of injuries and emergencies. Being prepared to deal with cuts, concussions, and fractures is one of the best ways to keep boxers safe and help them recover quickly.

A 16 year study on the injuries of professional boxers in Australia found that 107 injuries occured during 427 fight participations, an injury rate of 25%. With such a high risk of inury, having the right boxing first aid kit by your side should be one of your top priorities.

Here, we’ll run down what needs to be included in your boxing first aid kit.

Boxing First Aid Kit Contents

Steroplast Medical Boxing First Aid Kit

So, what are the essentials that every cornerman, cutman, and coach need on hand for a fight?

Nitrile Gloves

The first defense against infection transmission, make sure you have a good supply of disposable gloves for treating your fighter. No cutman or cornerman would be found without a pair of gloves.

Nitrile gloves are our recommended option, graze-proof and puncture-proof, protecting you from body fluids and your boxer from any germs that could be on your hands. They also offer excellent traction wet or dry.

Conforming Bandage

Known for its versatility in the healthcare sector, conforming bandage is used to hold dressing securely in place. It’s stretchy quality makes bandaging easy, even on awkward body parts like joints.

Conforming bandage is a nylon/viscose bandage also used an alternative to KO wrap for many boxers when wrapping their wrists where it provides extra padding under zinc oxide tape.

Cotton Tipped Applicators

Used for hygienic application of medicines to boxers’ injuries, cotton-tipped applicators prevent direct contact between boxers and first aid givers thereby reducing the chance of infection.

Apply petroleum jelly and antiseptic quickly between bouts without the need to sterilise your hands and precious waste time. Ours are made with sturdy stems that stand up to rough use.

KO Wrap

An essential piece of boxing first aid kit. A cotton gauze bandage that stretches across the width for comfort but with no lengthways flexibility. This makes wrapping your wrists easy and helps to immobilise joints and bones in the fighter’s hands.

KO wrap is washable and can be reused making it highly cost-effective. Find out how to apply boxing wrist wraps the right way every time.

Nasal Plugs

Nosebleeds are not uncommon in boxing. Nasal plugs keep both opponents and those close by safe from blood splatters and help to get the match moving again.

Our nasal plugs are 3.8cm long and made from cotton for a secure and comfortable fit.

Paramedic Shears

Highly versatile for cutting bandages and dressings to size, cutting away old bandages, customising plasters for unusual places, and removing clothing in an emergency. Our Tuff Cut Scissors are strong enough to cut through a car seatbelt.

Pen Torch

Assessing wounds, checking pupils for concussion, and helping to apply medicine, dressings, and bandages, a pen torch should be part of every boxing first aid kit.

Petroleum Jelly

Applied pre-fight, petroleum jelly makes the skin more elastic and slippery, protecting it on impact and making it less likely to tear from traction or a burn from friction.

Post-injury, it helps to keep moisture locked in and forms a protective barrier against the elements.

Petroleum Jelly is one of the most widely used pieces of boxing kit.

Disposable Bags

Cleaning and dressing wounds, dealing with nosebleeds, and other body fluid spills must be done in the proper way. These are biohazards and present the risk of infectionss. Carrying disposable bags helps to quarantine any contaminated materials to prevent cross-contamination and the potential spread of infection.

The disposable bags in our kit are self-sealing.

Instant Ice Pack

Blows to the head and body, overheating, concussion, sprains, strains, there are so many potential injuries in a boxing match that can be eased with an ice pack. Icing an impact wound helps to bring down swelling and reduce pain.

But having a real ice pack to hand just isn’t really feasible. An instant ice pack uses an endothermic reaction to activate low temperatures and mimic a real ice pack. Just shake and squeeze the pack to activate it, no freezer needed.

Low Adherent Pads

When cuts and other injuries present an open wound that can’t close up quickly on its own, a dressing must be used to protect the site from infection.

Our low adherent pads are sterile and NHS-approved. They are double-sided for easier use and provide essential absorption and padding.

Gauze Swab

Designed to be placed directly against wounds when applying a dressing, gauze swabs provide a protective layer,and  keep the injured area safe and clean. Gauze swabs can be used to apply medicinal lotions and creams like antiseptic and petroleum jelly.

When used in conjunction with dressings, gauze swabs stop the area from drying out and help to stem bleeding fast.

Zinc Oxide Tape

One of the longest-used pieces of equipment in boxing, zinc oxide tape is rigid, non-stretchy, and adhesive tape used by boxers to immobilise the joints in their fingers, hands, and wrists for support and protection.

The high-tensile quality of zinc oxide tape offers boxers support under the most physically stressful conditions and helps them protect their hands.

Trigger Spray Bottle

A multipurpose and invaluable piece of kit that helps to refresh and cool down fighters as well as to rinse off the skin prior to disinfecting a wound.

Our trigger spray bottle holds 250ml of water and has both single jet and fan spray settings.


After helping your fighter cool off, use the trusty towel to dap away excess water and sweat. The towel is also used to blot away blood (although open wounds should only be treated with sterile materials).

Boxing first aid doesn’t stop at having the right first aid kit, give your boxer all the support they need by checking you’ve got all the necessary boxing safety equipment and check our article Essential Safety Tips for Boxing too.

Sterosport Boxing Medical Kit

Steroplast Medical Boxing First Aid Kit Image

We designed and compiled our corner kit for boxers and boxing corner teams to meet all their needs in the ring. The kit comes in one of our robust Steroplast bags making it easy to grab and carry anywhere.

Designed by a team of sports physiotherapists, injury specialists, and professional cutmen, the sports first aid kit comes with over 130 items, professionally put together to help you combat all the common boxing injuries and emergencies.

Sterosport Boxing First Aid Kit Contents:

Contents Quantity
Blue nitrile gloves, large 2
Blue nitrile gloves, medium 2
Conforming bandage 5cm x 4m 2
Cotton tipped applicators 20
KO wraps 6
Nasal plugs 50
Paramedic shears 7″ 1
Pen torch with pupil gauge (reusable) 1
Petroleum jelly 250g 1
Self-seal disposable bags 6
Sterofreeze instant ice packs 2
Steropad low adherent pads 10cm x 10cm 4
Steroswab 10cm x 10cm 30
Sterotape-Z.O. 2.5cm x 10m 2
Trigger spray bottle 1
White towel 1


Make sure you know what to do with your first aid kit and your team has all the necessary first aid qualifications in like with GB Boxing, check our guide to first aid courses for sport.

Please enter your details into the form below along with any questions or comments and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with more information:

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